Porta Assessoria has specific identity signals that are integrated both in the internal scope of the Firm and its members, and externally in the relationship with customers and societies in general. All the values are related to each other, and the members of the firm have the duty to comply, as well as the responsibility to transmit them in the daily operations related to the Firm.

The values and principles that characterize our identity are the following:


The activity of the firm is aimed at ensuring the interests of customers, not only providing legal advice, but also establishing trust with the client. To provide the satisfaction of the legitimate interests of the client, in an unavoidable way, we demand a constant dedication, as well as a proximity treatment to meet their needs and provide the most appropriate solutions.


Professional secrecy, as a legal obligation, is the duty of the professional members of Porta Assessoria to keep the information received by their clients as confidential. The absolute trust between the professional with whom the client requests the services entails the duty of confidentiality that is established both in the relations in which members of the Office interfere, and with the relationship between the internal members of the Firm.


Our main objective is to provide a quality service to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, the provision of professional services must be preceded by a high level of quality to adopt appropriate solutions to the matter entrusted. This professional requirement implies that all the professionals that are part of Porta Assessoria, we pay the maximum attention to the permanent training.


The behavior of the members of Porta Assessoria in relation to the activity of the clients is subjected to the principles of dignity, respect, honesty, empathy, loyalty and diligence. This constant inspiration has led us to be recognized for the reliability in the correct functioning of the provision of professional services. Regarding the internal relations of the Firm, these principles are also established for relations between members and colleagues of the profession as well as for those who are not part of the profession.