Support and Advice for Business

Many businesses are unaware of the extensive range of support services that are available to them. Our partner organizations cover everything from improving skills to offering support of initiatives and funding opportunities available to them. The Firm provides appropriate strategy and legal recurring corporate/commercial law advice to national and international companies.

The expertise of our professionals, the quality of our services and our ability to respond to the clients’ needs, enables us to provide essential advice in all areas of corporate/commercial law; in particular, Porta Assessoria focuses on offering the clients practical information about the sustainable development of the enterprise.

The main services offered are:

  • Corporate/commercial law:

We offer the indispensable support and advice to be aware of the expectations of the client and to be able to adapt to the needs of the company and maintain a relationship of trust. The Firm focuses on establishing:

  • Corporate Law: We provide advice and seeking solutions to any legal needs for national and international companies. Our support includes the formation of companies, capital increases and reductions, and, in general, we advice national and international companies from the very outset on their incorporation and up to the extinguishment of their legal personality.
  • Negotiation of Shareholder agreements: Our expertise also extends to implementing, negotiating and drafting shareholder agreements; qualified majorities; dividend policies; in national and international business restructuring processes; exercising voting rights; the issue of bonds and debentures; and, in general, the composition and election of companies’ corporate bodies.
  • National and International commercial contracts: We are specialized in providing clients with global solution to their daily or strategic legal requirements. We advise clients on negotiation and interpretation of contracts to simplify the complexity of commercial transactions.
  • Corporate governance: We assist clients with corporate governance and disclosure matters, advising on options available under the applicable law. The firm advises enterprises, particularly national and international companies on sustainability consulting, tax law, shareholders, senior management, boards of directors, and board committees on compliance and corporate governance practices, and on preparing and drafting corporate governance documents (audit policies, codes of ethics, memorandums, and shareholders’ and boards of directors’ resolutions).
  • Accounting Law:

The experience of our team means the practice is ideally placed to offer the required solutions by business today. The countable review of the companies as a specialized professional treatment, it is important so that the clients of Porta Assessoria can enjoy a trustworthy and effective accounting to help to make decisions in its economic and financial aspects.

We emphasize, among others, the following services:

  • Porta assessoria  advises on all legal aspects involving accounting standards and annual accounts.
  • We analyze possible conflictive situations that occur when approving annual accounts.
  • Study on the criteria followed by internal or external auditors.
  • Assistance with accounting issues related to insolvency proceedings and other fields of law.
  • The Firm elaborates accounting reviews when the characteristics of the company allow it. If it is necessary, we assist in person to the offices of our clients.
  • We are specialized in adaptation and training of the employees
  • We provide annual reports of the accounting situation of the company with the purpose to adapt to what business requires nowadays.