Real Estate

In asset management, both companies and individuals, several factors and specialties converge, which advise a global and comprehensive advice for highly qualified professionals, dominant in the daily practice of the different areas of Law.

The team advises on all matters relating to real estate ownership, including development, construction, investment, taxation, financing and lease of all types of properties at all different stages.

The services of Porta Assessoria, among others, we differ in:

Advice to companies:
  • Management of business assets;
  • Analysis of the business state, as well as the financial statements;
  • Advice on the viability of present and future projects;
  • Analysis of the knowledge of the company and the reorganization in fiscal, legal and patrimonial matters.
Advice to individuals
  • Advice on the administration of the family and business group;
  • Analysis of the taxation of investments;
  • Advice on the distribution of assets to improve profitability;Strategic financial planning;
  • Management of assets to obtain maximum production.